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A Guide to the Monuments of DC

On my last post I wrote all about visiting Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington is so close to all of monuments we decided to walk! All it is a short walk (about a half a mile) across a bridge and then it leaves you right next to the Lincoln Memorial. Since the Lincoln Memorial is so popular there really is no good time to beat the crowds. But at night, it does get a little less crowded. The views from the Lincoln memorial are hard to beat. You can look down the whole mall right to the Washington Monument and then to the Capitol Building! I had a nerd moment while inside the Memorial: I memorized the Gettysburg Address when I was 10 and I saw it inscribed in the wall and I was so happy I memorized it!IMG_5194IMG_5295IMG_5199

^^^^ I don’t even look like myself in this picture!ย IMG_0158IMG_0159

Next stop, which was about 100 yards away was the Vietnam Memorial. The Vietnam memorial has all the names of the veterans that died during the war. Some things were left by the wall from people in remembrance of their loved ones. I saw a hat, a sweet note and a bottle to somebody about how much they miss their brother.


Now onto my favorite! The WWII Memorial. This memorial is just so gorgeous! I love the fountain, the gold star wall and all the marble columns. There is one column for every single state in the US including Guam. I would have to say this memorial is my favorite because my girl scout troop sent 8 veterans to DC through Indy Honor Flight and when they visit DC this is one of their stops.


IMG_5217IMG_0174Later that night we took a night walk through some of the monuments. First we went to the Thomas Jefferson memorial. We even saw President Trump fly in on his Helicopter and land by the White House.


Then we went to the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial. It is the longest memorial I’ve ever seen! It feels like you walk for a mile.


Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon but in the mean time you can catch up on the others!

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