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5 DC Museums in 1 day!

This was the last day of our amazing DC trip and it was pouring rain and hailing! We bundled up, got our umbrellas out and braved the cold! Our final destination was the Natural History Museum but we decided to stop at all the museums we could along the way because of the rain!

First we went to the Botanic Gardens. I have to admit I’m really not into looking at plants but this garden was really cool! We stopped in for about 15 minutes and it was so beautiful! And really peaceful.  Pop in, you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_5311IMG_5306IMG_5304We next went to the Native American Museum, which is practically right next door. While the architecture of the building, is amazing, truth be told, I really thought this was a boring museum. It had come highly recommended, but it just isn’t my thing. But I’m glad I saw it.

Travel tip: When travelling, if it’s free, pop in and check it out. You could suprise yourself by liking it, (or not).




While in DC you have to stop at the Art Museums right?! We went to the American Art Musuem.  The front fountain was gorgeous! Look at all those flowers, a welcome breath of fresh air in the late grey winter! I’m not sure it was allowed, but I took some pictures of my favorite paintings!


We got to our final destination, The Natural History Museum. I love the Smithsonian Museums because they’re free and have such great exhibits! The Natural History is my favorite out off all. We went to the Ocean, Diamonds, Mammals through the ages, Animals and Mummys exhibits. In the human exhibit you can see what the exact population of the world at that exact moment. You can also turn your self into a monkey!IMG_0223

This squid is 43 feet long!


a shark ate me!


This is a fossil from a very old sea creature
It kept going up!


Know anyone that looks like this?
My missing sister or brother, I can’t tell!


This is me as a monkey!
A real mummy of a child around the age of 5


the world famous hope diamond!


Next stop was the Holocaust museum. We had debated if it was appropriate to go there since my brother is 7, but concluded it’s good to know history at any age. Let me say, the Holocaust Museum is very humbling. If you are with kids, I recommend to go to Daniel’s Story. It’s very age-appropriate, not gory, but gets the point of the meanness of the Nazi’s across. It walks through the story of a Jewish Boy and his journey during the Nazi regime, through his journal entries. It wonderfully explains the Holocaust for all ages. In the basement there was a whole wall of pictures that children have made in remembrence. The mood there is very solemn, and the reason why goes without saying.

I’ve been studying WWII in school, and I was given an essay on what the Nazi’s did to Jewish families leading up to, and during the war.  When I was writing it, I walked through Daniel’s story in my mind to recall the horrible things that we don’t all readily know like the closing of Jewish stores, making Jew’s wear yellow stars, moving Jews to ghettos  …these things are in Daniel’s Story.

Travel Tip:  If you are with younger kids, don’t skip the Holocaust Museum because the topic is too tough. Visit Daniel’s Story.IMG_0238

In the exhibit, this is Daniel’s Bedroom
Enter a caption



Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon but in the mean time you can catch up on the others!

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