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Visiting Fords Theater

Alright guys, I know some of you are probably tired of the DC posts so be happy to know that this is the last one! I had such an amazing in DC time and did do much! Today I will be sharing with you Ford’s Theater and where Abraham Lincoln died.

If you didn’t know Ford’s Theater was the place that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln, resulting in his death. Fun fact: after Lincoln was shot they divided up the theater into floors and made and office building. The floors caved in and the theater went back to being a theater. There are still plays today. Since a play practice was going on, the theater was closed. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it but we did see the museum underneath.

the gun that was used to kill Lincoln
this was what Lincoln was wearing at the time of his death


what is my scarf doing?!


After the museum you can go right across the street to the Peterson House. After Lincoln was shot he was carried across the street to this hotel where he died. You can see the bed he died on! That building connects to another large museum that was so interesting! There was a 3 story tower made of all the books written about Lincoln!

the bed he died on


so many books!



Hope you enjoyed all of the Washington DC posts! I had so much fun in DC and I hope you got to see a little bit of it! Here’s all my DC posts to check out!

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