10 Rock-star Tips to Ace Your Finals

Hello Lovely Readers! Happy Sunday:) It’s been a while since I have posted anything and I feel awful about it. I wish I had a grand excuse why I was M.I.A. for a week but nope, the culprit was/ is school finals! 8th grade year is wrapping up and the only thing I can look forward to is summer break! I sure can’t wait, but first I have to study and get through 8 finals over the next week.  (Gulp. Sigh.) All of this constant studying got me thinking… I will share with you all my favorite tips to ace your finals! Let me know which tip helps you. And good luck on your exams!

1. Don’t study in your room but especially not in your bed! Your room is for sleeping and not for studying, or all the stress that comes with it. I have found that if I study in my room I think about all that information before I go to bed and then I can’t sleep. Sometimes I dream of math equations if I study in my room! Also 90% of the time I work in my bed I fall asleep.

2. Turn your phone off and put it away. I find my phone is a big time sucker. I get on it for one thing and then I go from app to app and it’s 20 minutes later. Put it away. On mute. In the other room.

3. Chew a certain flavor of gum while you are studying and then chew the same flavor in class while your take the test. Your mind associates smells and places with things that you learn.

4. Move Around to different study places. Like the one above, your memory becomes better with a change of scenery. Move from your dining room to living room or even go to a library, coffee shop or outside!

5. Write things down. Studies show that if you write things down and not type them, then you will be more likely to remember it. So in class, instead of typing up notes, write them out. It can also be fun if you make your notes cute with colored pens!

6. Take breaks. It’s that simple! I usually study hard for an hour and then take a 15 minute break. Breaks should be a well deserved treat, so don’t take too many. If you indulge in too many  breaks and you could forget all the info you are trying to learn!

7. Exercise! If I am feeling stressed, I go to swim team for an hour and a half and come back refreshed and ready to study. You can even use the time working out to think through some of your studies.

8. Organize your study space! You will work better in a clean work place and all your junk won’t clutter your thoughts.

9. Don’t try to over-learn! Your brain might be over-crammed so instead of stuffing in all the learning at once, study in chunks of time over a few days.

10. Figure out your learning style. There are three studying techniques, which one are you? Auditory learners prefer to read their notes aloud and discuss with people. Visual learners prefer diagrams, notes and images. Tactile learners like to have building models and like to act things out.

11. (BONUS TIP!)  Get some sleep, stay hydrated and don’t drink too much caffeine.  This is pretty logical, but being refreshed and not jittery puts you ahead of the study game.

I hope you found these helpful! Which tip helped you the most? Please share your tips with me too.



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