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Summer 2017 Bucket List

IMG_0788It is officially summer! My summer has been great so far… filled with going to the Indy 500, celebrating Memorial Day with family, pool days, bike rides and hikes. Every single year before summer I create a bucket list. I want to get everything done on that list but let’s face it, only 50% ever gets done! This year my bucket list is filled with simple but fun things that I know I can get done in the short months of summer! Let me know what some of the things on your bucket list are! Enjoy!

  1. Sleep on the trampoline
  2. Watch a sunrise and sunset
  3. Go to a drive in movie
  4. Pull an all nighter
  5. Go to an amusement park
  6. Start a water balloon fight
  7. Go to camp
  8. Take a nap in the eno
  9. Spend the day on a boat
  10. Ride bike to Dairy Queen
  11. Watch/ Catch fireflies
  12. Get messy with paint twister
  13. Have a fun photo shoot
  14. Go shopping
  15. Celebrate my 14th birthday
  16. East ice cream from an ice cream truck
  17. Play in the sprinkler
  18. Post cute pictures on instagram
  19. Play mini golf
  20. Paint room
  21. Take underwater pics
  22. Get a tan tattoo
  23. Write more on blog
  24. Have an all day Netflix marathon
  25. Go to a baseball game
  26. Have a picnic
  27. Go to the farmers market
  28. Try to break a world record
  29. Go on a diet for 1 day
  30. Have a pool day


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