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Summer Bucketlist: Arizona D-Backs Game

This month has flown by! I am so sorry for the lack of posting on here but I have visited 4 states in a little over 3 weeks, and now I am home getting ready for my birthday in a few days! After my hiking trip with my girl scouts I was home for 2 days and then flew to Arizona to visit my grandparents. We rented a house through VRBO (love love love them!) with a pool and we swam every morning! Each day we had a day adventure and the first day was the Arizona Diamondbacks which is their baseball team. I had that on my summer bucketlist! They gave us baseball bats (which was an adventure to bring on the airplane back home!) You also can make signs to wave around and try to get on the big screens. Ours said “Indiana Loves D-Backs”. IMG_0121IMG_0584

I’m not even a big baseball fan. I just like going because it’s all-American fun! It’s suppose to be America’s favorite pastime right? While your there you have to get a hot dog, right? That’s the classic baseball snack!




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