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What to see at Montezuma’s Castle and Well

Hello! How are you this fine Monday? As some of you know, recently my family and I went to Arizona on vacation. While still in Arizona we visited some old ruins of ancient people. These people (called the Sinagua) lived in the side of a cavern and somehow built a city out of the rock and made a home with 5 stories and 20 rooms! They think it held 30-50 people! To this day they still don’t know how it was exactly made! In the late 90’s tourists were able to go up inside it but since then they have closed it off. I think it was pretty amazing to see this and it was crazy to think that people built this!IMG_0138

Then we drove about 20 minutes to Montezuma’s well. This was the main source of the city’s water. The lake is kinda a weird one. A hundred years ago they couldn’t figure out how deep the lake was and thought it was endless. No one can swim in it because there are leaches! At the bottom of the lake is a current. Scientists have tried to put cameras down at the bottom to see where the current goes but the camera got spat back out. The lake was really pretty and there are trails to take but since its summer, the rattlesnakes are out and we didn’t want to take the chance .ย IMG_0659IMG_0662

All of this is right next to Sedona, known for it’s red rocks! We stopped there and got some ice-cream.IMG_0146




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