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Driving Up Pikes Peak

While in Colorado we had a free day before we went to my cousin’s wedding. Everyone told us that we HAD to go to Pikes Peak. When we first heard about it we thought they were crazy! We weren’t ready for a 7 mile hike! Then we learned that you can drive up the mountain. The car ride takes about 40 minutes and cost $40 for our family of 5. You also can take a train to the top which would be super fun but would take all day. The drive is pretty windy and if your scared of driving on the side of the mountain, it might not be for you but I totally recommend it. Along the way are stops you can take like lookouts, gift shops, a bigfoot crossing sign and you could go fishing!

One thing that you need to bring to the top is a warm clothes and water. It was 80 degrees at the bottom but at the top was 40, really windy and snowy! I wish I would have brought some pants and a warmer jacket. You need the water because of the altitude change. I already felt a little woozy from being in the mile high city but then driving even higher made me feel so nauseous and dizzy.

The views at the top are amazing! You are on top of the world and can see everything. We didn’t stay too long at the top because 1) we were cold 2) felt sick. I loved going up Pikes Peak and I totally recommend it if your ever in the area!


stop 1: the lake


watch out, he’s coming!



we made it to the top!


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