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The Sweet Side of Nashville- Candy Shops and Cowboy Boot Shopping

When we go on trips we like to make the most of our time there. We use the app Trip Advisor. It’s a really great app where you look in the area around you for the best places to shop, eat, activities to do, places to stay and flights. We found two candy stores in downtown Nashville that looked amazing! One was called Rocket Fizz. Rocket Fizz was a vintage store with taffy, hard candy and 150+ different types of sodas! The walls were filled in vintage posters and records that were for sale. We got to fill a whole bag up with yummy tasting taffy and each pick out a type of soda. You can imagine how hard it was to pick out a soda, I was literally a kid in a candy store! I settled for a pink passion fruit and lime one and I wasn’t disappointed!IMG_1188IMG_1186IMG_1191IMG_1184IMG_1196img_1350

all the flavors of soda to choose from!


we sure did cram the bag to get the most for our money!

Rocket Fizz was right on the main drag of Nashville. We took a walk around the city to see what there is and we found one of many cowboy boot stores. They had a buy one get two free deal! After spending an hour and a half finding the perfect pair, my family walked out with three new pairs of boots! I love mine and I love that they have that new leather smell!ย IMG_1205IMG_1209

The other candy store was called Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Everything in the store is made fresh on site. They have homemade fudge, gelato, almond toffee and everything you could imagine covered in chocolate. They are known for a treat called “Gophers” which are walnuts covered in caramel and chocolate. We got a rice crispy covered in white chocolate dipped in M&M’s, Reese’sย and Heath bits. It was so cute!ย IMG_1215IMG_1216IMG_1218img_1349img_1348

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a loveky weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚





4 thoughts on “The Sweet Side of Nashville- Candy Shops and Cowboy Boot Shopping

  1. Anytime I travel to somewhere new and I find out theres a candy shop, I officially HAVE to go! Lol they’re so fun! All the photos you took were so fun & seriously nice job choosing that epic rice crispy :))

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