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Eno’ing 101

IMG_1154IMG_1143Hello! Let’s talk Enos!

It’s been about a year since I got my ENO and I am still in love with it as much as when I first got it! And I have been wanting to do this post for the whole time.

Now I know some of you are wondering what an Eno is. A Eno is a portable hammock made out of parachute material that you hang up between two posts or trees. They are so popular right now people go on Eno dates called “enoing”. You can take them anywhere because it rolls up into such a small ball. Put it in your backpack, take on a hike, in your suitcase to Florida, or in your bag to a friend’s house.

The price of a Eno may be a little mind-boggling ($70 for just the hammock, not counting the straps) but I think they are a really great investment. If you think about it they are made out of the same material people skydive with so it’s really durable. If you don’t want to pay that much there are other kinds you can buy like Bear Butt, Grand Trunk and Green Light Outdoor and so many more on Amazon! I’m even thinking about getting another one because they are so cheap on Amazon! Wouldn’t that be such a great idea for a birthday present?

I have a double nest Eno which basically means it holds two people. If you’re looking into one, defiantly pay the extra money to get a double eno even if you are one person. They are so much more spacious. I also have the extra long atlas straps. These make it so I can hang up my hammock basically anywhere. Also, with the straps I can hold up to 400 pounds!

There are many ways to set up Enos at once. You can find a patch of trees and hang them close together or you can actually stack them on top of one another! This is my favorite way! I found this hilarious picture on Pinterest of all of these enos stacked! How did they even get to the top?!

Hammock-StackWhen hanging my Eno, I always find two trees in the shade and bring out a good book and sometimes my phone, computer, or a blanket. I also love to hang Enos by the water!IMG_0992

Sometimes I’m by myself and sometimes I’m with a friend but either way its fun! When I’m with friends we hang ours close to each other and just catch up on each others lives. Sometimes we take naps too!

Do you have an Eno? Or a portable hammock? Let me know down below!







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