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10 Things I Did This Summer

Summer Recap.jpgThis summer flew by but it was one for the books! Now that I have been in school for about a month, I am looking back on all my summer fun. This summer I definitely made some tracks! Here is my summer recap 2017!

To start off the summer my girl scout trip and I went to North Carolina and Tennessee. We white water rafted and hiked 5 miles up Mount Leconte. We spent the night on top of the mountain and woke up early to see the sunrise!

We flew to Arizona to visit my grandparents. In Arizona we went to a Diamondbacks baseball game, the Arizona Zoo, Montezuma’s Castle and Sedona.

After only spending 4 days in Arizona, we flew to Denver, Colorado for my cousin’s wedding (which was so beautiful!). While we were there, we visited the Denver Botanical Gardens and drove up Pike’s Peak, where we all got sick on top of the mountain!


I flew back to Indy, where we drove an hour to camp. I was at camp for a 5 days. I had the best time, growing closer in my faith while hanging out with friends. There’s something about camp… is it the smell of bug spray and sunscreen….no… that makes it so special.  I conquered my fear, and jumped off a telephone pole! Don’t worry, I had a harness on!

As soon as I recovered from camp tiredness, it was my 14th birthday! I had the best day out with friends. I even got to see Train in concert that night, which was totally spur-the-moment!

My friend also surprised me with a trip to Holiday World with her family!


July was a more relaxing month, which I’m all about! While I love traveling, it’s nice to have time at home! Fourth of July rolled around and we had the “All American Fourth” with the usual things, a cook out, swimming and fireworks.

Many lazy days consisted of enoing by the creek with my best friend and bike riding to Dairy Queen or window shopping. One of my funniest memories was when a couple of friends and I got Dairy Queen. We were standing by the side of the road and got people to honk for us. We looked like total idiots but we got around 30 cars to honk!IMG_0992

A lot of swimming went on. Some days would just be spent by the pool with a popsicle in hand and a good book in the other. This summer I got back into reading, which I’m so happy about!

My family loves to camp. I don’t mean tent camp but RV camp. We love it so much that we took a three-week trip around the east coast last summer. This summer we took the . RV to Nashville, Tennessee. I guess I didn’t have enough of that state yet! We stayed at Nashville Shores campground, that had a water park. The Hermitage is Andrew Jackson’s house so we stopped there. We had to see the Vanderbilt campus, which was so pretty. And of course we had to stop at a few candy stores along the way!

It was the last week of summer and we hadn’t had a lake day, so we packed up our bags and drove to Lake Monroe where we tubed and skied the whole day!

I pretty much had the best summer ever! I do miss it but I’m excited for fall to come along with everything that comes with it! I’m ready for Corn Mazes, Apple Picking and wearing flannels!





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