Lucerne for the Day: What I Did

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This trip was a whirlwind of fun! I got back about a week ago and I am finally in the swing of the last bit of summer. As silly as it sounds, writing these posts really helps me to process our trip and everything we saw. I still have about a thousand pictures on my phone from the trip that I need to sort through and edit!

Let’s start off where I left off at my last post in the air bnb in Hergiswil, Switzerland.

As I mentioned, Hergiswil is only about a 15-minute drive to Lucerne so we were in and out for the three days that we were there.

We started the morning off with a tour of the city. Whenever I am visiting a new city I first like to take a tour to get a feel of the city and from there I can go to places that interested me on the tour.

The English tour started at the train station we walked across the famous Chapel Bridge and Spreuer Bridge covered bridges, beautiful churches and admired all of the architecture. We saw some of the new modern buildings as well as the old-timey cute buildings.


The train station’s original entrance


Image-4-1  Image-11  Image-10Image-6

The walking tour was around two hours and ended at a beautiful church called Jesuitenkirche.


Our tour ended around lunchtime so naturally, we were hungry but if you have ever been to Switzerland then you know how expensive everything is! Food, souvenirs, clothes, you name it, it’s expensive. We could not possibly eat out for every meal with seven people so we went to the grocery store a BUNCH! We started off liking Coop but found later that Aldi is even cheaper in places like Germany. (We are big Aldi fans in the states so it felt very familiar).

We grabbed some sandwiches at Coop and ate by the water. That’s what I love about buying food to eat immediately at the grocery store, you can have the best views.

Image-7 Image-10Image-10Image-1

After lunch, we went to the House of ChronoSwiss and saw watches being made. Switzerland is known for its watches so it wouldn’t be a trip to Switzerland without seeing watches! We contacted Chronoswiss beforehand and they were able to give us a tour with some of the history of the company. There are live watchmakers making watches behind glass to see. And of course, there are many watches on display. I never knew all of the small moving parts that go into one timepiece.


Next up was the Lion of Lucerne. If you don’t know what that is, its a very famous lion that is carved into the side of a mountain. It was created to remember Swiss guards that were killed in the French Revolution.


We were recommended to walk the Lucerne city wall. Some of the best views of Lucerne are at the top of the towers on the wall. There is a large chunk of the wall that is able to be walked on.


This was one of my favorite cities in Switzerland! Stay tuned for more Switzerland posts!



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