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Hiking the Smoky Mountains- Mount LeConte 

I’ve gone hiking before but never up a mountain. Nothing anybody could have said would have prepared me for my journey ahead. Five and a half miles didn’t seem too bad but I was use to flat terrain and not trekking up a mountain! If you havent seen my last post, I went to the…… Continue reading Hiking the Smoky Mountains- Mount LeConte 

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Visiting Fords Theater

Alright guys, I know some of you are probably tired of the DC posts so be happy to know that this is the last one! I had such an amazing in DC time and did do much! Today I will be sharing with you Ford’s Theater and where Abraham Lincoln died. If you didn’t know…… Continue reading Visiting Fords Theater

Vacation · Washington DC

5 DC Museums in 1 day!

This was the last day of our amazing DC trip and it was pouring rain and hailing! We bundled up, got our umbrellas out and braved the cold! Our final destination was the Natural History Museum but we decided to stop at all the museums we could along the way because of the rain! First…… Continue reading 5 DC Museums in 1 day!

Vacation · Washington DC

A Guide to the Monuments of DC

On my last post I wrote all about visiting Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington is so close to all of monuments we decided to walk! All it is a short walk (about a half a mile) across a bridge and then it leaves you right next to the Lincoln Memorial. Since the Lincoln Memorial is so…… Continue reading A Guide to the Monuments of DC

Vacation · Washington DC

My Verdict on the Supreme Court!

We got up at the break of dawn to go to the Supreme Court. jk! It was only 7:00! But getting up early really paid off, there were no crowds so we got in and out in an hour. As soon as we got there we watched a short video about the Supreme Court, how…… Continue reading My Verdict on the Supreme Court!

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Hello Mr.President!

After the National Archives we made our way over to the White House Museum and the actual White House. Unfortunately, we signed up too late to actually take a tour of the White House building, but maybe next time! You need to put in a request to your Congressperson at least 6 months in advance so…… Continue reading Hello Mr.President!

Vacation · Washington DC

National Archives

 I woke up and was excited for all we had planned for the day! We were going to see the National Archives, the White House, the American History Museum and more but and I felt a little sick. So I decided to take medicine. I quickly grabbed for any medicine and saw a Nyquil bottle sitting…… Continue reading National Archives