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Hello Mr.President!

After the National Archives we made our way over to the White House Museum and the actual White House. Unfortunately, we signed up too late to actually take a tour of the White House building, but maybe next time! You need to put in a request to your Congressperson at least 6 months in advance so…… Continue reading Hello Mr.President!

Vacation · Washington DC

National Archives

 I woke up and was excited for all we had planned for the day! We were going to see the National Archives, the White House, the American History Museum and more but and I felt a little sick. So I decided to take medicine. I quickly grabbed for any medicine and saw a Nyquil bottle sitting…… Continue reading National Archives

Fashion Friday · Washington DC

A Week In Outfits: DC Edition

Hello! Welcome back to my blog and Happy St.Pattie’s Day! For today’s Fashion Friday I thought I would share with you all of my DC outfits for the week (more DC posts coming soon!) Bare with me on the photos, some days I kinda forgot to take pictures but it all worked out in the end.…… Continue reading A Week In Outfits: DC Edition

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Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear National Parks! Happy Birthday to you! I have been to many national parks over the years. I love them and enjoy them so much and I am so glad that Cotopaxi reached out to me and told me that the 100th birthday of the…… Continue reading Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks!

Spring Break · Washington DC

Watching the House and Senate in Action!

Did you know you can actually sit in sessions of the of the House of Representatives and the Senate? At first, I didn’t think I would be interested but I was wrong and I really recommend going to one. Now you may be asking yourself what is session. Session is a meeting of a judicial…… Continue reading Watching the House and Senate in Action!

Spring Break · Washington DC

Library Of Congress

Ok, I know I said the Capitol Building was my favorite building but I have a new one, the Library of Congress. When I first walked in I couldn’t stop staring at the ceiling. It’s just so beautiful! Tip: take a tour of the library which are every hour and come later in the day so all…… Continue reading Library Of Congress

Spring Break · Washington DC

Capitol Building Take Two

I had never noticed how much D.C looks like England before this trip. All of the buildings are so fancy they could fit right in. One of my favorite buildings here is the Capitol building and while I have been here I have gone 5 times! The first time was with my Girl Scout Troops.…… Continue reading Capitol Building Take Two