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7 Spring Dress Ideas Under $50

Hello beautiful people! How are you guys? I missed blogging so much! I can’t even begin to explain what I have been up to in the last few months but I had a good Christmas, New Years and now I’m getting ready for Spring Break! Over Christmas break I went on a Disney Cruise. It…… Continue reading 7 Spring Dress Ideas Under $50

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Cheap Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is in 2 days and I can hardly wait but as much as I would not like to admit, I don’t have all of my gifts for all of my friends yet! Maybe you are in the same boat and don’t have all of your gifts yet either. Well that is what Amazon is…… Continue reading Cheap Last Minute Gift Ideas


The Best Online Blogger Store!

Have you ever wanted that extra little something something for your room or house? Something that will complete the whole look that you are trying to achieve? Like a pillow or a cute print to go on your wall? Well I know just the sight for you! Maddison + Co has it all! They have…… Continue reading The Best Online Blogger Store!

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What’s In My Wardrobe: Fall Fashion

This fall there are many different styles of clothes for fall but when it comes to fall fashion, I have a pretty classic wardrobe. I pretty much stick to basics and don’t branch out to weird or funky things. I love oversized knit sweaters, ripped jeans and booties! Here is what I would wear for…… Continue reading What’s In My Wardrobe: Fall Fashion

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List: Bali

I am so inspired by watching Aspyn Ovard’s vlogs and reading her blog posts. She travels around the world with her husband and goes to the best places. Recently she went to Bali and it has now made my bucket list of places to travel to! Here is my top 5 things I want to…… Continue reading Travel Bucket List: Bali

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Everything Everything Book Review

It’s been a while since I have actually read a book that I’ve enjoyed. I finished this book in 4 days but it could have been one if I didn’t have to go to school! Everything Everything was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It was one of those books…… Continue reading Everything Everything Book Review

Travel Bucket List

30 Things on My Fall Bucket List

Today is the first day of Fall! To celebrate I made a Fall Bucket List for 2017. I’ve always made summer bucket lists for as long as I can remember but I’ve never made a fall one! Making this got me in the mood for fall and sweaters and blankets! This is 30 things that…… Continue reading 30 Things on My Fall Bucket List