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Fashion Friday: Hunter Boots

In addition to traveling, I love clothes and fashion and I want to mix it up a bit! So I thought I would start a new thing where on Friday I will be picking my favorite outfit from the week and show you what it was. I will be posting other content but Friday’s are for fashion!…… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Hunter Boots

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Island Cow Restaurant

Back when I was on Sanibel Island in Florida, I went to the funniest restaurant. It’s called the Island Cow and it was so good and a good price! I loved the whole feel of the place, there was a lot of places to eat outside and many tiki lamps and fun decor. There was even…… Continue reading Island Cow Restaurant

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Sea Turtle Beach Creation

This is my final beach creation and I would have to say that is my favorite out of all the ones I made this week! Even though I say that a lot! Instead of using white shells as the main component we scooped up tiny shells and used that for the shell. We basically cleaned out…… Continue reading Sea Turtle Beach Creation

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Thomas Edison and Henry Fords’ Winter Homes

Thomas Edison is famous for making the light bulb and the phonograph but did you know that his winter home in Fort Meyers, Florida had a big part in his inventions? He used the banyon tree and bamboo to make filaments for the light bulb. Thomas Edison also planted hundreds of palm trees along the…… Continue reading Thomas Edison and Henry Fords’ Winter Homes

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Palm Tree Beach Creation

Today’s creation is a palm tree. We stuck with the classic white shells for the branches and we found sticks for the trunk and we actually found a real coconut!! But we made two more out of seaweed. I really liked how this one turned out. Stay tuned for more creations!

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Smiley Face Beach Creation

For today’s beach creation I made a smiley face! I worked really hard on it and it turned out great! For the hair I used coral and sea grass and for the eyes I used shells and mulicolored sea glass. The nose is a crab and the mouth is seaweed. This is my favorite one yet!

Sanibel Island, Florida · Vacation

Back to Mother Nature

Part of the island of Sanibel is devoted to wildlife. One half is beaches and restaraunts and the other half is a nature reserve. That is one thing I love about Sanibel compared to other islands, it is focused on nature and keeping it “natural” rather than building motels every 1000 feet. Sanibel feels more homely than…… Continue reading Back to Mother Nature