Year In Review: Where I’ve Been

This year has been a crazy one but an amazing one. I have traveled a total of 12,412 miles in a plane and over 100 hours in driving. I am so thankful and blessed for such an amazing year! Where did you go this year? We kicked off the new years with a Disney Cruise.…… Continue reading Year In Review: Where I’ve Been


The Most Amazing Sandwiches in Florence

Ahhh Tuscany! You may know it as the home of the David or even a place to get some great wine but there is more than just that! Everywhere you turn in Florence is one amazing sandwich shop after the other. As tourists do, we were wandering around looking for a place to eat lunch.…… Continue reading The Most Amazing Sandwiches in Florence

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The Best RV Park in Savannah, Georgia

Usually, when you think of an RV park you may think of a run-down campground with overgrown grass and a distinct smell but believe it or not, there are very ritzy campgrounds for anyone that is an experienced RV’r. A couple of summers ago, my family went on a three week RV trip (which I…… Continue reading The Best RV Park in Savannah, Georgia


Hiking the Cinque Terre in a Day

If you have ever scrolled through Pinterest and seen beautiful colored buildings on the side of a mountain, you were most likely looking at the Cinque Terre on the northern coast of Italy. The Cinque Terre is a very popular tourist attraction because of its beautiful views and unique architecture. While in Florence, my family…… Continue reading Hiking the Cinque Terre in a Day

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Mount LeConte Take 2

Mount Leconte is one of the most popular trails in the whole Smoky Mountains. It is the third highest mountain and you can spend the night at the top. There are five different trails that you can take up the mountain. We chose the Alum Trail path that is 5.5 miles. It is the steepest…… Continue reading Mount LeConte Take 2

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7 Best Places to Visit in Charleston

1. Charleston City Market This is one of the oldest open air markets in all of America and is an iconic place to visit while in Charleston. Here you can find woven baskets that are unique to Charleston, scarves, jewelry, delicious food and more. It really is a fun place to check out! 2. Battery and…… Continue reading 7 Best Places to Visit in Charleston


Pompeii For the Day

  In Italy we really wanted to go to go see the ruins of Pompeii but we couldn’t figure out a way to fit it into our tight schedule. We found out that you can take day trips from Rome to Pompeii. We stumbled upon a company called City Wonder Tours.They were able to take us…… Continue reading Pompeii For the Day