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Baltimore, Maryland


As our trip came to an end we drove to my Aunt and Uncles House in Maryland. We got to stay there for a few days and hang out with them. They took us to Fort William Henry. This is where the Siege of Fort McHenry happened. Francis Scott Key, an American poet had been captured on a boat and watched the battle through out the night. In the morning Francis Scott Key saw the American Flag waving in the midst of all of the fighting and smoke. He then was inspired and wrote America’s national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. We got to walk around the fort and see different artifacts from the fort.IMG_7158IMG_7156

Then we drove to Inner harbor. Inner harbor is a seaport with different stores, restaurants, boats and different attractions. We ate at an Irish Brew Pub called Tir Na Nog Irish Bar & Grill . I got a sandwich and it was really good. Then looked around in some shops. We got some fudge! We also went into a store and bought a crab sticker for our RV. My aunt and Uncle have a pool at their house so went home and swam! It was so hot out!


Our cousins came over and we hung out for a while and played catch phrase (my new favorite game:)). We got to go to Snickerdoodles Bakeryย which has the best snickerdoodles, cakes and basically everything. I got a snickerdoodle frappuccino! It was so good!! I was so excited to go here because our family always brings really good cakes for Thanksgiving.

Before going to dinner we went mini golfing. They had 3 mini golf courses. There was a Monster Mini Golf, a medium and a small. We did the easiest one and it was still pretty hard although I am not great at mini golfing!! I would have loved to do the monster one but it takes 3 hours!

This was an amazing trip and it couldn’t have been any better. It took us 11 hours to drive back home the next day. I miss this trip so much and I wish I could go back! Thanks for following me around on my trip!

Bye for now,


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